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GOZOOR Media House is a dedicated company to offers a broad spectrum of media services to a wide selection of businesses to maximize their visibility and growth, including a broad spectrum of services to its clients to help them with properly positioning their entities in the business platform.

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Our work experiences

GOZOOR has extensive experience in project management with different organizations and Ministries in many fields, for example, Al Nouran factory, and the traditional crafts festival, which was held by the Ministry of Culture 2020 – 2021. An international joint project between Egypt, Italy, and Slovenia for one year, which was concluded in Italy in July 2021.

Our Services

Media production

We customize video production for marketing, for commercials and for the web and animation. We also create motion graphics and info graphics for digital videography.

Art & Culture Development

GOZOOR, an Egyptian cultural and media institute in Cairo dedicates itself to highlighting the culture in all its features. As its name in Arabic indicates (Roots), GOZOOR is trying to take up the Egyptian roots outside its boundaries to raise awareness and look for common roots with other cities in the Mediterranean, MENA, and other cities, through authentic cultural activities focusing on intercultural communication, heritage, and other cultural features and assets.

Event Management & Organizing

We manage your events from protocol signings and press conferences up to large-scale gala events and conventions. We handle every aspect of the event starting with the planning, branding’s.

Digital marketing

Social media management.

By fully optimizing your resources & coming up with original & effective ways to attract & convert qualified leads, we create & manage lead generation campaigns using both inbound & outbound marketing.

Content Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) …
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) …
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Lead Generation