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GOZOOR, an Egyptian institution active in the field of Media and Cultural Development, focusing on ancient Egyptian culture, seeks to revive the authentic Egyptian heritage and identity by integrating it into different living aspects of modern life to utilize arts, culture, and heritage to contribute to the global development goals.

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Featured Projects

The 14th Annual Festival For Traditional Crafts

The 13th Annual Festival For Traditional Crafts - Cairo Opera House

Habet Sokkar Part I

A Romantic Film

Stiebel Eltron Egypt

Recycle in Fashion – RinF

Sami Amin Winter Collection 2013-2014

St.Catherine -The Place Inspiring People

Sami Amin 2013 Summer Collection 2013

Costume Are Identity

Les Marches Stiebel B2C

Les Marches - Stiebel B2B

Qasaqess W Dawayr Vol 01

Qasaqess W Dawayr Vol 2

Despite the richness of Egyptian culture and history with distinctive decorations and patterns, none of these decorations are used in contemporary fashion, even women’s fashion.
The company’s mission statement includes the discovery and promotion of contemporary Egyptian fashion through specialists, researchers and university professors to create authentic Egyptian designs.