Devoted to showcasing every facet of Egyptian culture, this dynamic institute is more than just a name.

—it's a mission.

Just like its Arabic moniker suggests (Roots), GOZOOR is on
a mission to transplant the essence of Egyptian roots beyond
borders. Our goal? To ignite awareness and discover shared
roots with cities across the Mediterranean, MENA, and

Through vibrant cultural activities, we're weaving a tapestry
of intercultural communication, heritage celebration, and
exploration of diverse cultural assets.


Emphasize the Egyptian identity and promote a culture of Egyptian identity.

Our Vision

Our concept is cultural development as a main concept. The main aim of our company setup is media, cinema, and cultural services, skills development, exhibitions, and festival organizing. Through those pillars, GOZOOR will enable its project to be Influential in the public taste. GOZOOR will always “Seek to achieve the primary purpose of the project, which is to maintain the Egyptian identity and develop it”.
The projects’ dimensions expand to reach the taste of the Egyptian public to deal with the standards of Egyptian identity, by which the priority criteria in the evaluation of his taste and choice of appearance.
Egypt and its close links to the continents of the world made it a country of privacy, culture civilization wealth representing proceeds unique cultural convergence. An attempt to deeply look at the roots of Egyptian innovation, the starting point in any society by first knowing its roots. Human knowledge of their homeland and identity to which they belong, also his cultural and popular consciousness and cultural heritage a necessary property and indispensable for the establishment of a real awareness of the existence of contemporary and planning their present and future based on specific constants.