Camera Magazine Launching

CAMERA Magazine Launching

CAMERA Magazine Launching Program

Place: The Minor Theater, the Cairo Opera House

Time: Friday, 2nd of October 2015, from 7:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Organized by: Gozoor for Cultural Development.

CAMERA Magazine Launching Program
  • An introductory speech about “Camera”
  • The Camera remains the pen with which a man writes all his history.
The ancient Egyptian had his own camera with which he portrayed and documented all his daily life details on the walls of temples. Then, the contemporary Egyptian comes to start documentation via photography. Then, he uses Cinematography in 1894. And during that entire long time span and through the history of photography in Egypt, No Arabian or Egyptian prints were published in the photography field. This is what induced Dr. Ramsis Marzouq – who is one of the major photographers in Egypt – to execute the magazine project, after feeling sorrow and bitterness through fifteen years of struggling in order to publish the magazine.
  • A short documentary film (15 minutes) that shows the major cinematic scenes during the last 100 years in Egyptian cinema, prepared by Hatem Sayed.
  • A song prepared especially about the magazine, performed by Zeinab Barakat.
  • Dr. Ramsis Marzouq’s speech (The Founder of “Camera”), then he will introduce:
  • Mrs. Eqbal Baraka (Chief Editor).
  • Dr. Sedeeq Afify (Honorary Head).
Submitting Certificates of Appreciation for “Camera” Staff
  • Presenting honorary guests of the celebration, from Egyptian Cinema stars: Mahmoud Hemeda, Laila Elwy, Ezzat El Alaily. Each of them is to recite a speech about the actor’s relationship with camera and lighting.
  • Dr. Helmy El Nemnem’s speech, the Minister of Cultural Affairs.
Submitting Certificates of Appreciation and Memorial Shields for “Camera” Supporters:
  • Mr. Omar Abdel Aziz (The Head of Artistic Syndicates Union).
  • Mr. Mohammad Abo Seada (The Head of Cultural Development Fund).
  • Mr. Mossaad Fooda (The Filmmakers Head).
  • Dr. Sedeeq Afify (The Head of Tiba Academy).
Submitting Certificates of Appreciation and Memorial Shields to:
  • Mr. Abdel Aziz Fahmy.
  • Mr. Abdel Fattah Reyad.
  • Mr. Mohsen Ahmad.
  • Mr. Adel Gazareen.
At the end of the celebration, Dr. Ramses Marzouq Academy for Photography and Cinematography is to be announced, where courses will start in January 2016.
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