About the Organization

GOZOOR is a cultural enterprise that aims to accentuate the Egyptian identity and promote the Egyptian legacy and tradition. Established in 2013, Gozoor has a number of projects and activities that are mainly concerned with cultural development either from educational, social, or technical aspects. Gozoor does not only work on redefining the Egyptian Identity in various aspects, but also on reinforcing it in the everyday life behavior. Believing that the civilization of any society is based on its ability to define itself and identify its strengths. Hence, the organization takes responsibility for exploring the Egyptian roots and foundations in an attempt to discover its true potential and utilize it for the greater good.


To shape a well-defined and certain society; by building confidence in its past, and discovering potential in its future.


To establish the Egyptian identity by exploring the traditional roots, preserving the heritage, and promoting the culture on national and international levels. GOZOOR specializes in a number of diversified areas. It undertakes multiple artistic projects from film making to cultural education with the aspiration to spread awareness about this fascinating civilization among Egyptians themselves and worldwide too.

The projects can be mainly classified into:

GOZOOR in Media

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